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  • All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations​ and you must provide proof prior to their stay. If you have any questions regarding vaccinations please contact us prior to your arrival. If you are unable to show proof that the vaccinations are current you will be turned away. Please also be aware that the dogs "tags" will not show all required vaccinations.

    • Rabies​

    • Bordetella

    • Distemper / Parvo 

  • We can not take your dog if she is in heat or is pregnant.

  • We can take unaltered males under the age of 2. Other wise they must be fixed.

  • If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or people we can not take them.

  • If your dog has any medical needs or ailments please discuss them with us prior to their stay to ensure we can accommodate their needs.

  • We only take dogs that are 4 months and older and all up to date with their shots.


  • If your dog is due for their Bordetella shot its best to get it done at least a week prior to their stay. It takes several days to become fully effective. Also if it will expire during the stay you will need to have it done before dropping off. It's OK if  this shot overlaps.

  • Unless your dog requires special bowls please leave them at home. These tend to get mixed in with ours during the washing cycle.

  • We don't recommend bringing anything that if chewed would be a big loss. 


  • Label everything you can that you plan on leaving with us.

If you have any questions please make sure to call us:  (801) 216-4411

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