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Please read before booking an appointment

  • We are a free play environment, we cannot take dogs who are aggressive towards people or other dogs. 

  • We do accept unaltered dogs with the following exceptions.

    • No unaltered Males over the age of 2.

    • No unaltered females in heat or pregnant. Please be aware of your dogs heat cycle as well as the fact that bleeding is not the only indicator of being in heat. The cycle usually lasts about a week after the bleeding has stopped. Please see our additional fees associated with dogs in heat.

  • To ensure the safety of all our guests we require proof that your dog is current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper Parvo and Bordetella. Please visit the requirements page for more details.

  • It is highly suggested that you bring your own food however we can provide food for an additional cost. 

  • You are free to bring in any blankets or bedding just make sure to label it with a permanent marker in case it needs to be washed while we have it. 

  • We would prefer to use our own food bowls so they don't get mixed up during the wash.

  • If your dog has any special requirements such as medications please contact us prior to drop off so we can make sure its something we can accommodate.

  • We do require dogs to be 4 months or older.

  • Pick up and drop off's are only permitted during our regular business hours. Please keep this in mind when booking your stay. 

We do have a limited amount of daycare spots available. You can check the availability bellow of give us a call!

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