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Day Care

We currently offer a free play day care environment. This means your dog will be out in the play area with other dogs most of the day which is great if you have a busy schedule, are in school or just need to let them get their wiggles out! We do limit the number of daycare guests each day so as not to create a hectic environment and we also have several days during the year that daycare may not be available such as holidays and other busy times during the year. If you think we might be a good fit for you and your dog might be a good fit for us then please schedule a visit or give us a call or email with further questions. 

Things to know about our day care.

Please keep the following in mind when deciding on daycare as it differs from boarding in a few ways.

  • Our play area is all outdoors, which for the most part is great! However if the weather is bad or it is particularly Cold or Hot we may not have enough space to accommodate everyone in doors. And although our play area has several covered, heated and cooled areas it is impossible to restrict the dogs to only those areas. So if that day it is expected to be very hot or cold it may be best not to come for daycare that day. If you don't show up on a scheduled day because of the weather we will not charge you anything. We want everyone to be safe! 

  • Bad Weather: If it is raining or snowing, your pet will get wet and probably dirty. We don't have the ability to give everyone a bath after daycare so if you come on those days expect to get back a probably very happy! but probably wet and dirty dog.

  • Hot Weather: We make every effort to provide a safe play environment for our daycare guests. We have lots of water, misters, covered areas and a few outdoor A/C units that we run during the summer. However in extreme heat there is not much else we can do and it can be very dangerous to certain breeds when the temperature is to high. Please use your best judgment on these days as well when deciding whether or not to utilize our day care. 

  • Cold Weather: We have covered areas and a few outdoor heaters but again use your best judgment. Remember that our play area is all outdoors and we may not be able to accommodate everyone inside if it gets to cold. 

  • Dog Behaviors: Our daycare is a free play environment meaning they have lots of buddies to play with! This means we can only accept well socialized dogs. If your pet has any aggressive tendencies we may not be a good fit. They need to be able to get along with a wide variety of dogs with varying size and energy level. They are supervised at all times but because they do not have a kennel to take a rest in during the day a dog that might be a good boarding dog fit for us may not be a good fit for daycare. We reserve the right to turn away any dog at any time as we see fit.

  • Daycare dogs must be picked up prior to our closing hours. If you are late there will be additional fees, further more if we are unable to accommodate a late pickup your pet will be boarded until the next business day. 

If you would like to schedule daycare please go to the Online Bookings page or click HERE. If this is your first time with us please also visit the requirements page! Any concerns or issues need to be resolved prior to drop off so please call if you have a question!

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