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We offer free play overnight boarding in a safe supervised environment 365 days a year. We try and have our guests out as much as is safely possible. When not outside each dog has there own kennel for there safety and the safety of our other guests. We think its important for each dog to have a place to call there own so they can eat safely and sleep undisturbed. 

Typical Day  (monday - friday)


  • 8am    Everyone comes out for the morning session, we give them time to run off the           wiggles and take care of business

  • 9am    Breakfast, Everyone is given fresh food and water an plenty of time to digest prior to                  any strenuous play.

  • 9:30am - 5pm  Play time. Everyone is brought out in play groups based on size and temperament. The amount of play time is kind of dependent on the dog (older dogs may want less, younger dogs may want more). Typically we try to have them out 6 - 8 hours of the day.

  • 6pm   Dinner.  Everyone comes in to relax and enjoy dinner in their own kennels. 

  • 6pm   Closing time

  • 10pm  Everyone goes out one last time for about 30 minutes then its off to bed.

Under Construction please check back soon

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